вторник, 4 декабря 2007 г.

Free E Mail Stuff

Free E Mail Stuff, short for electronic mail and often abbreviated to Free E Mail Stuff, email or simply mail, is a store and forward method of composing, sending, storing, and receiving messages over electronic communication systems Free E Mail Stuff. The term "e-mail" (as a noun or verb) applies both to the Internet Free E Mail Stuff system based on the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and to X.400 systems, and to intranet systems allowing users within one organization to Free E Mail Stuff each other. Often these workgroup collaboration organizations may use the Internet protocols or X.400 protocols for internal Free E Mail Stuff service. Free E Mail Stuff is often used to deliver bulk unsolicited messages, or "spam", but filter programs exist which can automatically delete some or most of these, depending on the situation Free E Mail Stuff.

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